Saturday, May 25, 2013

2012 Winter Journal

I've started keeping a digital journal as a way of remembering life's little events in pictures. Click on the link below the picture for the pdf if you'd like to view it.
2012 Winter Journal

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

手作りTe-zukuri Craft Market

On Sunday I had a great time wandering around a craft market that was held at the Culport. Te-zukuri (hand-made) items, especially traditional crafts and natural materials are totally in fashion at the moment. There were all kinds of hand made items, sewing, crochet, jewellery, cakes, leather work, woodwork and pottery. The market was so inspiring, to see how creative and talented some locals are. It really made me wish I had more time for crafting and that I push myself to complete more than just the odd small crochet project.
I bought a hair tie, some earrings, some tea cups and a small plate.

I've been having a quiet day as some of my classes were cancelled due to Typhoon no.4 (Guchol) the typhoon didn't come as close to Kochi as expected and it has also been loosing strength so it has felt just like any old rainy day. Other places more directly affected will need to deal with possible wind damage, flooding and landslides. Another major tropical storm is expected later this week.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Ajisai Kaido

On Wednesday afternoon we also enjoyed a drive along Ajisai Kaido ( Hydrangea Road ) at Haruno just as the hydrangeas were starting to bloom. The local mountainside is also studded with pink purple and blue hydrangeas and the pot plant versions sold at home centres come in an amazing array of colours.

The rainy season has arrived. I'm really not looking forward to the sticky humidity and frequent downpours.

Makino Botanical Gardens

Considering that I can see the local botanical gardens in the distance from my apartment it's a little embarrassing to admit that it's been about 3 years since I've been there. I keep thinking that I'll go next month when such and such is blooming then I get busy. Masayuki has been pretty busy himself recently so I thought the two of us were in need of some fresh air before the rainy season arrived. We had a nice stroll through the gardens admiring the flowers and watching the butterflies fluttering about.

 The round plates are made to resemble sawachi dishes which are intricately arranged plates of raw fish.

A flock of herons are living in the gardens, their honking reminded me of geese or ducks.

Purple bananas?! The new glass house is full of all kinds of amazing plants.